What’s this all about?


Hi! My name is Jonas, and I love movies.

Movies send a message, or they tell a story, or they grieve a loss, or celebrate something beautiful. They represent an idea, a thousand ideas! Somebody out there wanted THIS to be made, why? Somebody wanted this story to be told, why? and are they successful?

I believe that movies are one of the most expensive, painful, labor-intensive, passion-fueled ways to spread an idea or message, and because of this, I can’t help but be fascinated by them. We humans were made to love story, and that makes story a powerful tool with which to communicate.

In this blog I will be exploring movies. I’ll be sharing my personal opinions, searching for themes, asking questions, and hopefully encouraging you to form your own!

  • How do movies reflect our feelings about our time and past, present, and future events?
  • What does a movie say about the people or person who made it?
  • Why do we connect with a film? What makes it great? What makes it not great?

No matter what you’re watching, there’s something to be learned. Don’t turn off your brain!