Story is Power

I believe that people are hardwired to enjoy, relate to, and find meaning in stories.

Because I am a believer, I must start with the point that in the Bible, Jesus taught so many using narratives, usually referred to as parables. I think He did this because he knew how we are put together. Sometimes Jesus didn’t just make His points directly: The Prodigal Son, the Lost Sheep, the parable of the Sower, all are stories He told that didn’t actually happen in real life, in order to reveal truths about the nature of man, and the character of God.

Now everyone, on some level, probably has a story that affects them. Characters that they can relate to, situations they’ve been in before. We all enjoy fairytales and comic books as children (and adults..), we can all cry or blush over a good romance, or get lost in vast fantasy worlds. I think that most every “story” is a parable of some kind. Whether the writer meant to or not, they all carry a message.

Movies are my favorite version of storytelling.

I love movies because they are a conglomeration of so many different arts. They take all types of dedicated, creative people to bring them about. They also cost those people a lot of money, time, and energy, which usually means that there is a mountain of passion behind every great movie.

Movies can do anything. Paint pictures, tell stories, explore a characters psyche, disturb, disgust, and horrify, or delight, empower, and entrance.

What I like to do is apply myself to a film and instead of turning my brain off, (not that I don’t every now and then), find out what that message is, intentional or not.

Why would we relate especially to this certain character?

Is this movie a good teacher for children growing up these days?

What does this film say about humanity and the way we communicate, relate to, and treat each other?

Should I support this? Should I even see this, or recommend it to others?

What kind of conversations can we have when we walk out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or Hacksaw Ridge, or Trolls?

In this blog, I will be personally exploring a handful of films, and I will encourage readers to also strive to find the message in the movie. Find the questions, and ask them back! Don’t shut off your brain, because I believe there are some great discussions to be had.

I hope you all enjoy!



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